The Call Out of False Church of God Part 3

Leaving False Church of God is required to make heaven.  For God not to require his people to flee Babylon today would require an apology to the Sixth Seal brethren.  They called out good saints, “my people,” from denominationalism. Sadly, the “fellowships” today that go under the name Church of God are nothing more than the sectarian denominations of the Sixth Seal.  For those who refused to stand with the one church, they spiritually died and came to nought.

The Call Out of False Church of God Part 2

Essentially, the only place where such could be found that are eligible to come out and still be God’s people are those who remain in False Church of God.  I firmly believe that there are those who are saved from all sin that dwell in the ranks of many Church of God movements, but before this world comes to a close, they must take their stand against these False Church of God outfits that are nothing more than Babylon and stand with God’s true people.


The Call Out of False Church of God Part 1

The powers of Gog and Magog surround the camp of the saints for the grand finale in the war of good versus evil, or the Kingdom of God versus the Kingdom of Satan. Ultimately, the days of indecisiveness are finished, and God will render a decision in the great valley.  While many are languishing in their stupor and slumber, Satan is unleashing the greatest deception ever known to the world.

32 Things I Learned From Pastor Frank Hampton Jr.

The devotional leader does not need to give a sermon, that’s why we have a preacher.

The Remnant

 The days of Noah and Lot where very similar to the times that we are living in now; as men began to multiply on the face of the earth, so did their evil ways and the greatness of their wickedness would go on to impact and influence generations and generations to come. Sodom and Gomorrah, two great cities in that day, met all of the conditions to be destroyed by God’s Judgement of Fire and Brimstone. Today we are living in world that has greatly been affected by the sinful ways of man. 

What Shall This Generation Do?

The question before our generation is not whether or not God will have a church. It is whether or not we will be a part of it. Will we hold up the truth of God’s eternal word, or will we fold to the whims of our flesh, the lukewarm atmosphere of our time, and the spirits of unbelief?

What if You Are Wrong?

The stubbornness of truth serves as a constant condemnation to lives that take pause to reflect on it. As a result, multitudes choose to substitute the abhorrent conclusions that truth incurs with various beliefs concerning the very nature of it through subjecting ultimate truth to human interpretation. As the interpretations exponentially increase, so does the confusion. While many are trapped by their claim and cry of confusion, the sad reality is that there is absolutely no excuse for it. 

The Perishing of People

Sadly, there are many who cannot perceive the Church of God in her fullness. There are countless souls who are perishing in fellowship meetings, revivals, weekly services, and so on. They are perishing because there is not a vision of the church. They are perishing because they do not hear a message that will awaken them to their needs. They are perishing because they are not receiving the whole counsel of God. 

Guilty in One, Guilty in All

 The Supreme Court decision of a few months ago concerning the legality of homosexual marriage stirred my heart, as it indubitably did many others who profess to be Christians. However, I found myself stirred in a much different way than I even anticipated, as I fully expected the decision to go the way that it transpired. The common reaction was that of shock and bewilderment, and admittedly I was still greatly jolted by the reality of the decision after it was made. Yet, I found myself questioning how we came to a place in this country where such a sin is glorified and exalted. 

Pass or Fail

The selfishness and rebellion of men and women in religious institutions today is astounding. They have bought into one of the biggest lies the devil has ever told, which is that their understanding of God’s standard is more important than understanding what God truly meant.

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