The Church That Needs Nothing

 We are in need of a great shaking from coast to coast in this country and throughout the world. The fellowships of the Church of God must burn, and God’s sheep must flee the ruin taking not a Babel stone. Unfortunately, so many will lament the conditions that persist across the land today, but when the time comes to take a definite stand against all Babylon (including the False Church of God), they will choose to embrace the harlot in the name of comfort, security, and familiarity.


Bones Bones Bones

Without any hesitation, it must be declared that the False Church of God is nothing more than a valley of bones. You know you’re in the False Church of God if the best that can be done is some bone-rattling. You know you’re in the False Church of God if the message is not feeding you. You know you’re in the False Church of God if the Word is not going forth and if the Spirit is not breathing life into your soul.

If It Isn't in Acts, It Isn't Church of God

Ministers are playing political games, blowing uncertain sounds, and watching innocent souls be destroyed. They will put ministers in pulpits who will claim healings that did not occur. They will hide behind their pulpits and refuse to answer the tough questions while they become guilty of striking. They will emphatically cry foul when they perceive that their self-concocted protocols have been violated but will fall suspiciously silent when souls are starving because they are not being fed the gospel of Jesus Christ. Much of what calls itself Church of God is apostate and has swallowed an everlasting deception. Most are tainted by the god of worldliness and compromise. Several cannot muster enough inspiration to trust God for their bodies. Essentially, there is no restoring the Babylonian rubble, but there is only one message for those who are seeking to be Church of God. 

Who Will Escape Babylon?

As long as one does not offend the men in control (ministers), they are deemed acceptable, usable, and spiritual. If they compromise on standards it will be overlooked. If they have talent that is considered essential to various functions in the church, then exceptions will be made. Anyone who poses a threat to the control and operation of the system will be pushed to the fringes so the religio-political citadel of hell is not jeopardized.

The Polluted Sanctuary

Make no mistake: it is the position of the writer that every fellowship is a sect, and that sectarianism is Babylon, and that every group that calls itself the Church of God today is Babylon. There is nothing wrong with the name Church of God, for that is the correct name. It is not to say that there is not a soul saved in any of these associations, but each one must come out in order to stay saved. God is not coming back for any of these fellowships that are nothing more than systems of men, but he is only coming for the Church of God that none of these fellowships represent. 

Theoretic Church of God

     Fellowships are sects. Anyone who is a mere part of a fellowship is part of a Babylonian sect. It is the prayer of the writer that God begins to call people out of every fellowship. Fellowships play politics. Fellowships know not how to effectively deal with problems. Fellowships preserve the guilty and punish the innocent. Fellowships defend hypocrisy and denounce those who dare say anything about it. Fellowships will cover for their own and as long as one does not question the powers that be, then they are accepted in that fellowship. Fellowships do not produce apostolic glory. Fellowships are run by men and not the Holy Ghost. Fellowships call themselves Church of God. Fellowships send souls to hell. 

The Time Is Come (Blow the Church to Atoms)

For too long the game of politics and diplomacy has silenced the church and dulled her effectiveness, and for this God is livid. The result of an angry God is that there will be no group exempt from the great judgments of God for these great abominations. The time has come to cry against the shepherds. The time has come for judgment to be pronounced in the sanctuary. The time has come to spare no one from the awful responsibility of their own decisions.

The Call Out of False Church of God Part 3

Leaving False Church of God is required to make heaven.  For God not to require his people to flee Babylon today would require an apology to the Sixth Seal brethren.  They called out good saints, “my people,” from denominationalism. Sadly, the “fellowships” today that go under the name Church of God are nothing more than the sectarian denominations of the Sixth Seal.  For those who refused to stand with the one church, they spiritually died and came to nought.

The Call Out of False Church of God Part 2

Essentially, the only place where such could be found that are eligible to come out and still be God’s people are those who remain in False Church of God.  I firmly believe that there are those who are saved from all sin that dwell in the ranks of many Church of God movements, but before this world comes to a close, they must take their stand against these False Church of God outfits that are nothing more than Babylon and stand with God’s true people.


The Call Out of False Church of God Part 1

The powers of Gog and Magog surround the camp of the saints for the grand finale in the war of good versus evil, or the Kingdom of God versus the Kingdom of Satan. Ultimately, the days of indecisiveness are finished, and God will render a decision in the great valley.  While many are languishing in their stupor and slumber, Satan is unleashing the greatest deception ever known to the world.

32 Things I Learned From Pastor Frank Hampton Jr.

The devotional leader does not need to give a sermon, that’s why we have a preacher.

The Remnant

 The days of Noah and Lot where very similar to the times that we are living in now; as men began to multiply on the face of the earth, so did their evil ways and the greatness of their wickedness would go on to impact and influence generations and generations to come. Sodom and Gomorrah, two great cities in that day, met all of the conditions to be destroyed by God’s Judgement of Fire and Brimstone. Today we are living in world that has greatly been affected by the sinful ways of man. 

What Shall This Generation Do?

The question before our generation is not whether or not God will have a church. It is whether or not we will be a part of it. Will we hold up the truth of God’s eternal word, or will we fold to the whims of our flesh, the lukewarm atmosphere of our time, and the spirits of unbelief?

What if You Are Wrong?

The stubbornness of truth serves as a constant condemnation to lives that take pause to reflect on it. As a result, multitudes choose to substitute the abhorrent conclusions that truth incurs with various beliefs concerning the very nature of it through subjecting ultimate truth to human interpretation. As the interpretations exponentially increase, so does the confusion. While many are trapped by their claim and cry of confusion, the sad reality is that there is absolutely no excuse for it. 

The Perishing of People

Sadly, there are many who cannot perceive the Church of God in her fullness. There are countless souls who are perishing in fellowship meetings, revivals, weekly services, and so on. They are perishing because there is not a vision of the church. They are perishing because they do not hear a message that will awaken them to their needs. They are perishing because they are not receiving the whole counsel of God. 

Guilty in One, Guilty in All

 The Supreme Court decision of a few months ago concerning the legality of homosexual marriage stirred my heart, as it indubitably did many others who profess to be Christians. However, I found myself stirred in a much different way than I even anticipated, as I fully expected the decision to go the way that it transpired. The common reaction was that of shock and bewilderment, and admittedly I was still greatly jolted by the reality of the decision after it was made. Yet, I found myself questioning how we came to a place in this country where such a sin is glorified and exalted. 

Pass or Fail

The selfishness and rebellion of men and women in religious institutions today is astounding. They have bought into one of the biggest lies the devil has ever told, which is that their understanding of God’s standard is more important than understanding what God truly meant.

The Church of Your Choice

There is a single source given to man that provides answers for every question contrived by man concerning the soul, this being the Word of God. However, mere reading of the Bible does not render every man a proper or correct interpretation. Then what does render a proper and correct interpretation? The answer is in the Word. “When he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth” (John 16:13). 

What Will Matter

Living in eternity’s light will cause the earthly concerns to diminish greatly. The great day of Christ’s coming will make evident how vain life is for those who live for earthly enjoyments alone.


 Hell has become a subject overlooked in our world today. A myth for some, a by-word for others, but rarely given any serious thought by most, yet most will make hell their final destination. 

A Sinless Life on Earth

   The most popular teaching and the greatest of heresies taught in the religious world today is that freedom from the committing of all sin is not possible on this side of eternity. Without question the Bible only endorses a holy life. 

Belief and Truth

Belief is a powerful force. What I choose to believe I regard as true, whether it be so or not. If I believe what is true, and not just what I think or believe is true, then my belief is only based on the Truth. 

Hearing the Voice of God

Living in the presence of God, as his child, is the greatest peace a person can have in his or her heart, but a heart void of that peace is one of unlimited restlessness. Unfortunately, too many professed Christians lack the clarity in their souls concerning how they stand before God.  

A Little Sanctuary

God’s chosen people find themselves in an egregious position by reason of their own decisions. Yet, in all of this the mercy of God is evident as he expresses his intention to be “as a little sanctuary.”

Are You Vexed With the Wicked

The righteous are in grave danger of losing their vision. This may seem contradictory, for if the world is taking part in more blatant sin, then how is it possible for the righteous to lose their vision of such obvious sin?

An Unacceptable Condition

Lukewarmness is defined as not ardent, not zealous, cool, and indifferent. Certainly this reflects the condition of the day. It is evident where the people’s true affections lie. People do not have a lack of zeal, but they are zealous for the things of this world, and not the things of God.

Freedom to Serve God

Far too many for far too long have been oppressed by the institutions which claimed to give them everything and provided them with so little. Due to the lack of inspiration and results many have lost hope and consequently, some vow to never darken a church door again. Others cling to their spiritual lives, but even they can feel their faith and love tainted and affected by these man-made systems.


Attached to an apostate condition is a tremendous deception. Many have succumbed to apostasy and without realizing it. As a result, the possibilities of escaping the clutches of apostasy are slim, if not impossible. Such a deception will carry many precious souls to eternity unprepared all the while professing to be a part of God’s church.

Where Do You Stand

If people were simply asked, “are you saved?” many would answer, without hesitating, yes to such a question. However, what if the question were posed to an individual in this manner? “If you should stand before God in the judgment today, would heaven be your plight?” Or if they were asked, “If you stood accountable for every thought, word, or deed, at this instant, would you be comfortable taking responsibility for such things?” It might be said that one would naturally answer with less haste to such questions.

A Convenient Season Part 2

People are seeking a convenient time to consecrate fully and allow God to do with them as he pleases.  Saints of God must learn that convenience is not the measurement used to indicate whether the will of God ought to be done. God does not afford his people the luxury to choose a consecrated life in accordance to their liking, but they are to respond when he calls.

A Convenient Season

Poor sinners today seem to believe they are allowed to choose salvation whenever they decide. Unfortunately, they are blind and deceived by the enemy of their soul. A soul can only be saved if God speaks to him. The Lord must be sought while he is able to be found. 

You Must Be Right

Much is left in the gray area, so certain actions can be called neither right nor wrong. People feel comfortable in this place, and for some reason justified. Yet, many forget there is still an ultimate truth, and the truth is same today as it was when Pilate asked the question thousands of years ago. The truth is Jesus Christ, the standard by whom all will be judged.


Are You Obedient

Obedience has become the struggle of humanity both religiously and secularly. It seems man cannot submit to his conscience, his principles, his superiors, or his Maker. Man is attempting through various methods to remove boundaries, and alleviate the pricks of his conscience. In succinct terms, there is a push to eliminate the line between right and wrong, good and evil, and black and white. 

Quotes From J.F. Lawson's Booklet, "What is Babylon?"

A perspective of Babylon by Bro. J.F. Lawson. 

Excerpt from D.S. Warner's "The Church of God- What is and What it is Not"

A perspective concerning the Church of God from Bro. D.S. Warner. 

Ecumenism or Unity

Religion will sacrifice the doctrine of Christ in order to achieve an outward union. Religion will make allowances for sin, worldliness, heresies, and other spirits of ungodliness in order to gain a universal, all inclusive church. Ecumenism is the spirit of the age and its origins can be traced to the pits of hell, the promoter of Babylon.

Seeking God Until

Matthew 9: 20-22
      And, behold, a woman, which was diseased with an issue of blood twelve years, came behind him, and touched the hem of his garment: For she said within herself, If I may but touch his garment, I shall be whole.
But Jesus turned him about, and when he saw her, he said, Daughter, be of good comfort; thy faith hath made thee whole. And the woman was made whole from that hour.

Quotes from D.S. Warner

A look into the mindset of Bro. D.S. Warner. 

Silence in the Pulpit and Asleep in the Pews

The manifestation of powerful conversions and mighty healings evident in the sixth seal became nonexistent in the seventh. Why? The blame is to be laid on the ministry who ceased to preach the whole counsel of God. After decades of silence there is still not a ministry who will lay down the holy and righteous judgments of God, and as a result the people are fast asleep.


Fanatical or Spiritual?

The Church of God has always attracted a healthy amount of controversy concerning the doctrines it promotes and the standard to which it lives. The idea of living a life of perfect holiness, for example, is considered a radical teaching in the religious world. In fact, the Church of God outwardly promotes a standard of what would be considered a very legalistic, or fanatical, way of living. Unfortunately, there are many affiliations that once held to such standards, but no longer do so and fallen headlong into apostasy.

The Reality of Spirits

The natural world which mankind inhabits is visible to physical eyes. Tangible objects fill the scenes of this earthly realm. The world and its components are familiar and open to humanity and as a result most are comfortable with their natural environment and with what they can physically see. Yet, man is a two-fold being in that he is a spiritual being as well as an earthly one. 

What is Judgment?

Often, judgment is mistaken, misused, and misinterpreted. As a result, righteous, godly judgment is missing in many religious institutions. Many have allowed judgment to imply in their minds as being unloving and offensive. It is labeled harsh or critical. People who are sensitive and carnal do not understand or perceive the true judgments of God. 

Modesty is the Standard

Many in religious circles today feel that God only looks on the inside, but that is not true.  God is just as concerned about our outward appearance. 

Divine Healing

The lack of divine healing is not a result of God’s ability to perform healing being diminished; rather it is a result of man’s unbelief and a severe lack of the Spirit of the Lord in the hearts of professed Christians.

The Church of God in Name Only

It is easy for the Church of God to condemn the religious world. Most denominations outwardly teach a standard that is not biblical. For instance, many ministers, from various affiliations, teach one cannot have power over sin or the flesh. So as a result, Church of God attendees feel justified because they understand such a teaching is erroneous. However, if the Church of God were to be judged based solely upon her claims, disregarding the religious world, what would be found? Is the message of the Church of God producing a people who are holy and manifest the power of God through signs by faith? 

Do Christians Commit Sin?

Will a life stained with sin make an abode in heaven one day? Can a person practice sin and be protected by the blood of Jesus? 

Worldly Entertainment

From the very beginning the COG ministry taught against television. Back then the shows were probably innocent, and perhaps even harmless. But God gave those ministers the foresight and vision to see where these things would eventually lead.

The Evening Light

  Few mediums in the world today are a platform for righteousness, or Bible holiness. However, may this forum be one that only exhibits the nature of true Christianity and its characteristics. The light of the evening refers to the scripture in the fourteenth chapter, of the book of Zechariah, in the seventh verse, “But it shall be one day which shall be known to the LORD, not day, nor night: but it shall come to pass, that at evening time it shall be light.” 

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