If It Isn't in Acts, It Isn't Church of God


     Perhaps of late the Light of the Evening has aroused the attention of those who want to abide underneath the dense fog of a Babylonian atmosphere and would like to stand on the shaky scaffolds of their False Church of God structures. The pulpits of late are claiming that to look for the Church of God that rises to the apostolic standard is for those without a vision. It is being proclaimed that the end-time message is to somehow meet “fellowships” or “people” at their level, and then one day God will bring about the glory through this supposed endeavoring. Mockery has been made of those who are seeking for the Church of God in the first seal, or of those who are looking for the Church of God in the book of Acts. I am aware that there is no fellowship right now that even comes close to the book of Acts. I am not looking for any of these fellowships to be the Church of God in the book of Acts. God is not using fellowships, but God is bankrupting them. God is not going to bring fellowships together, but he wants them to burn. If your associations, your ministry, and your production are not in accordance with the book of Acts, then it is most assuredly not the Church of God.

     First, when the writer speaks of “fellowships” he is not referring to saints fellowshipping one another. As mentioned in previous posts (The Call Out of False Church of God Parts 1,2, and 3, Theoretic Church of God, and The Time is Come), “fellowships” are sects. The Church of God is anti-sectism, anti-denominationalism, and anti-fellowships. When speaking of “fellowships,” the writer is only saying that a century ago the Church of God correctly labeled them sects. Today, the Church of God camps know better than to use such terminology, so instead, they will use the term fellowship. Therefore, finding a verse in the Bible containing the word “fellowship” does not disprove that “fellowships” are wrong. Furthermore, the writer desires fellowship with the saints of God and will fellowship whoever is contending for the Church of God that is found in the book of Acts. 

     Second, God is no longer working through fellowships, and he only has one message for those caught up within their ranks. The idea that the message of the seventh angel is to go again and endeavor with fellowships is a farce, and whoever perpetrates such an idea does not have a clear vision of the end-time message. God has never worked through sectarianism as a means to bring people to Mt. Zion. If the burden of the seventh seal is to go again and rework the broken-down systems of men in a vain hope to restore them, then Warner went about his work all wrong. He should have met the United Brethren, the Methodist, the Winebrennarians, and various other holiness outfits at their level. By the logic of some, we are to politely coax those blinded in their Babel darkness out of their respective dwellings without judging them or being harsh. Certainly, it is true what the Proverb writer penned, “Where there is no vision the people perish.” God will not work through the systems of men to produce His church, but he is calling them out of their systems to take a stand on Mount Zion. 

     Third, the message of the seventh seal is the same message preached in the sixth - ”come out of her my people.” God’s people are again finding themselves trapped in Babylonian institutions void of the direction and leading of the Holy Ghost. Ministers are playing political games, blowing uncertain sounds, and watching innocent souls be destroyed. They will put ministers in pulpits who will claim healings that did not occur. They will hide behind their pulpits and refuse to answer the tough questions while they become guilty of striking. They will emphatically cry foul when they perceive that their self-concocted protocols have been violated but will fall suspiciously silent when souls are starving because they are not being fed the gospel of Jesus Christ. Much of what calls itself Church of God is apostate and has swallowed an everlasting deception. Most are tainted by the god of worldliness and compromise. Several cannot muster enough inspiration to trust God for their bodies. Essentially, there is no restoring the Babylonian rubble, but there is only one message for those who are seeking to be Church of God. The seventh angel was not given a different message, but the seventh angel was told to prophesy again. False Church of God must crumble underneath the blasting and burning of God’s eternal word. 

     Finally, the writer is not taking an “everyone-is-wrong” position. However, may it be quite clear, the writer is taking an every-fellowship-is-wrong position. It is time to cry long and loud against Babylon so that every honest soul may find refuge from the judgment that awaits her. Consequently, the true saints of God desire to be free from the carnal dictates of men who are head of their systems and not the church. Any minister who is trying to make a case for fellowships is a prophet void of the understanding of the seventh seal message. Any minister who believes that God will work through these vile institutions has certainly boxed up the Holy Ghost. Nowhere in the Bible does God ever endorse man-made institutions. In fact, there is only one Church that God ever endorsed - and that was the Church found in the book of Acts. 

     As we swiftly march toward the end of time, the battle will only grow hotter. In fact, the real battle has not even begun. The writer has been accused of many things and will doubtless continue to be so accused. If we are going to be the Church of God at this time it will cost you everything - including your reputation. If you should choose to be Church of God, you too will be told you have the wrong spirit, that you are bitter, or that you have lost your vision. However, what God says of us is what matters the most. If God has shown you the Church of God, then cling to your vision with all that you possess. Finally, pray that God gives his seventh seal ministry the liberty, anointing, and power to successfully prepare the bride for heaven. God is preparing his ministry to strike Babylon with a final and fatal blow. May God hasten the day. 



Robert November 14, 2019 @11:51 am

You never hit a target you are not aiming for. Those satisfied with modern day sects(fellowships) thinking God has only that to work with to restore are deceived. Any minister that advocates less than God's holy standard for the church is a dumb dog. What was the sixth seal but a complete restoration of the church as in the book of Acts? May God deliver His people is my prayer.

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