What if You Are Wrong?

      The ranks of Christianity are infiltrated today with multiple notions concerning the acceptability of living before the sight of God. Religion is little more than a catchall for any theological perspective and possesses a supposed unique ability to perpetually tolerate and endorse numerous lifestyles and secular involvements. The religious leaders of the day are entirely blinded to truth and offer a counterfeit religion that equates to no more than religious deception with emotional frills. The stubbornness of truth serves as a constant condemnation to lives that take pause to reflect on it. As a result, multitudes choose to substitute the abhorrent conclusions that truth incurs with various beliefs concerning the very nature of it through subjecting ultimate truth to human interpretation. As the interpretations exponentially increase, so does the confusion. While many are trapped by their claim and cry of confusion, the sad reality is that there is absolutely no excuse for it. There will not be a single soul that will be able to plead confusion in the judgment. Conversely, God is not the author of confusion( 1 Cor. 14:33), so if you are confused it is the result of another source other than God. Moreover, God has made a means by which a person may have access to all the truth (John 16:13). Sadly precious souls are staking their spiritual plight on the hope, or belief, that their interpretation of truth is correct, yet what if they are wrong?
     First, souls will not stand judged before God according to a belief they held about the truth, rather souls will be judged according to the truth itself. Mankind will not be judged based upon how they interpreted the truth, but based on how they lived in accordance to the truth that God meant when He inspired the recording of it. The only means by which one can truly know the truth of God's Word is through the Holy Ghost. Consequently many claim to receive understanding from the Holy Ghost, but so few have done so in actuality. Revelation does not come from a message, a man, or through any relation to flesh and blood, but it comes from God himself. Assuredly, I do not deny that God may use fleshly instrumentalities to accomplish his work, but ultimately it must be God's Spirit using a vessel or confusion will naturally be the result.
     Second, people must understand their lack of importance, because pride will be the everlasting undoing of countless millions. How or what you believe about God's Word is of little importance. God's Word is going to stand on its own, and whether or not you believe what it says does not do any damage to truth. The truth will still be truth whether you accept it as so, or do not accept it as so. I am not interested in man's interpretation of truth, rather I am concerned with what God said, which is THE TRUTH! Hence the reason I hold little regard for any preacher that is not under the anointing of the Holy Ghost. Without the real anointing truth cannot be conveyed. True sayings may be uttered, but it will not produce the works of the gospel in the manner of Christ and the apostles void of a Holy Ghost anointing.
     Third, self-justification prevents souls from dealing with truth. Many will never forsake the label Church of God because they know that the fundamental teaching is correct. However, they will make countless allowances in their life by holding to the claim that there is not bible for certain standards and to hold them on the people is man-rule and legalism. While that sounds proper and even spiritual, are they right? What if God is endorsing those standards? What if there are biblical principles that produce certain standards and God is blessing and endorsing them? Are you willing to die with that stance? Are you willing to die with the questionable? How will you fare in the judgment? You'll not be able to tell God that you thought it was different. You will not be able to plead your case in the judgment. You will be judged. You will be sentenced. You will come face to face with truth without a word to say on your behalf. Either your life matched the truth of God's Word as he meant it, or your life did not. If you were judged today based on those terms, would you make any adjustments? Change any positions? Make any reformations to your attitude, character, word choice, involvements, actions, or motives? What if you are holding to a belief and you are wrong?
    The flesh will always oppose truth. Many fellowships today will only focus on the positive aspects of the gospel and refrain from pouring out the judgment of God's Word. The spirit of ecumenicalism is vibrant among congregations and groups at this time. Unfortunately, far too many are satisfied with confusion and unclear answers instead of holding to definitive truth. Why? It would make them unpopular. They would have to put judgment on their places of worship and the ministers under whom they sit. They would have to forsake family and make changes to their lifestyle. Consequently, they will listen to false prophets declare a general gospel, or “smooth things,” that is nothing more than a lie under the pretense of a full gospel. There are many institutions that call themselves “Church of God” whose association resembles more of the great whore, Babylon, when you look beneath the surface. There is only one church because only one was built that was endorsed by heaven. There are not twenty different fellowships that are all right. Only one can be right, and that is the one for which Christ is coming to take up to glory! That is the one whose fellowship is with the Father and His Son in actuality. I have heard countless ministers quote that line in order to justify their shortcomings and failures in holding to the standard. They try to sound mighty by proclaiming freedom from man and man’s ideas, while their own standards fall far beneath the bible line. The boldness of your proclamation, and the volume of it, will not serve as a justification for your compromise and sin.
     Finally, what do you think Christ is coming back to receive up to glory? He is coming back for the people of God who will hold to the truth of God's Word. He is only coming back for a people who are living to His word in the manner he meant it. He is coming back for his bride that is without spot or wrinkle and for the church holding to every principle, every doctrine, and every standard of his word. Who is dead to the world, the flesh and sin, and is totally abandoned to the Kingdom. Anything that demands less than such a position is demanding something less than the truth of God's word. We do not have to settle for less than being a part of the true bride of Christ. Your notions about the church, the standard, and ultimately the truth are absolutely meaningless. You will be lost if you hold to anything other than truth. Accordingly, it would be best to discover that you are wrong while living than to experience such a discovery when the time for you has expired. May God help each honest soul to take heed to the word of God and have an ear to hear what the Spirit is saying to the church.


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