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My name is Nathan Obstarczyk and I am thankful to be delivered from all sin. I was born in Escondido, California and where I lived for a significant portion of my life. I was twenty years old when God first began to seriously deal with me about the serious claim it is to make when one says he or she is a Christian. Through the faithfulness of God's Spirit I was able to come to a place where I obtained Salvation. I am eternally grateful for not just an experience of Salvation, but a clear vision of God's universal church. Through careful prayer and study God showed me precisely that which is Church of God, and that which is not. Through the illumination of the Spirit God led me through some deep waters, but I would not trade away the trying of my faith, for I count what it has wrought as precious.

The Light of the Evening is a platform where various thoughts that I have studied can be shared, where anointed messages and songs can be accessed, and where holiness is exalted. May God bless each one that visits. 


Concerning the Messages:

The messages posted on this page are from various Church of God ministers. This is NOT an endorsement of a group, particular minister, or fellowship. These are messages I had in my possession and decided to post online for the encouragement and blessing of others.  I understand that people have many opinions concerning different ministers and how they stand on certain doctrinal standards. I do not know how each minister individually stands on every doctrine or issue at this current time, and therefore does not mean I am in agreement with what every single minister preaches today. These messages were a blessing to me and it is only my hope that they will be to you. Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns.